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Why Data Recovery Services are so Important

By April 6, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

If you’ve ever experienced a significant data loss — even from a simple power outage — you’ve probably wondered if data recovery is effective and hoped that it is. Businesses rely heavily on their collected data — from customer contact information to patents to scientific evidence. If you’re a Canadian company operating in the modern world of internet commerce, a Canadian data backup system is a must to ensure the security and usability of your data.

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the retrieval and repair of data that has been lost using backup and disaster recovery solutions. Backup and disaster recovery solutions include plans and processes — like data recovery services — that every business needs to enact to mitigate the effects of a disaster, such as data loss. Data loss causes employee downtime, loss of sales, loss of sensitive information and can cause severe damage to a business’s reputation.

Causes of Data Loss

Several internal and external issues can cause data loss.


Internal causes of data loss include:

A broken hard drive
Accidental deletion of a file or files
Data corruption

A hard drive can become broken during something as small as a fall in the office or during a move. The success of salvaging data from damaged media is dependent on the amount of damage the device has suffered. A Canadian data backup solution will, in most cases, be able to retrieve a deleted file or folder and give your company renewed access.


External causes of data loss include:

Being hacked with malicious software
Software bugs from poor programming
Natural disasters

Some of these issues are unavoidable — like accidentally deleting a file or a natural disaster. But living with your data loss is not inevitable. Having a backup and disaster recovery solution in place enables an organization to recover data and maintain or quickly resume critical activities following a data disruption.

Implementing plans that include a foolproof data backup plan can help mitigate data loss caused by a data breach from a hacker or data corruption. Canadian organizations can choose a Canadian company like Pathway Communications for their Canadian data backup solutions.

To mitigate the adverse effects of data loss, Pathway offers cloud backup solutions in Canada. Solutions like these allow your company to get up and running again quickly, limiting your business’s production losses. Companies like Pathways know how to safeguard your sensitive corporate data in the event of issues like human error, cyberattacks, and other issues.
Pathway Communications delivers cost-effective and customizable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services.