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Why You Need Backup for Office 365

By August 17, 2020September 11th, 2023No Comments

Every company is now facing challenges related to moving their operation to the cloud. It is not about whether this is going to happen, but how and when. More and more companies are using Office 365 apps. In fact, Microsoft reported that Office 365 commercial seats had grown to 258 million monthly active users, with revenues up 27% in constant currency in April 2020. Hence, working with a data backup provider and having a backup plan for Office 365 is more important than ever.

Why Backups for Office 365 Are So Important

You might be wondering why it is important to back up your company’s data. You might think that Microsoft will take care of your Office 365 backup itself. Remember that Microsoft is a SaaS platform provider, and it is responsible for the uptime of the application and the infrastructure under it, but not the backup.

It is your company’s responsibility to protect and manage your vital data. There are many reasons why it is important to back up your Office 365 data, including the ones listed below.

System Continuity

If you delete a user from your system, whether you meant to do so or it was an accident, the deletion will be replicated around your network. This means the user will no longer be anywhere in the network. Luckily, you can use your backup to restore the user. You can restore them to either Office 365 or another location on your premises.

It is tough to keep up with the Office 365 retention policies, and managing them is even tougher. With a backup, you can get a more accessible and longer retention, stored and protected in one place. This can lead to a smoother recovery.

Higher Level of Security from Internal and External Threats

Many companies experience threats from within, and this can happen more often than you might think. Plus, it would help if you had protection from data destruction or malicious alteration by disgruntled partners, employees, or contractors. To prevent your critical data in Office 365 from getting lost, you should have the right recovery solution, for instance, working with disaster recovery companies. This is important because Microsoft does not know whether the deletion was accidental or malicious.

Of course, a disaster recovery company can also help you with any external security threats. Many viruses and malware have severely damaged organizations in the past. With a backup, you can restore your mailboxes and application data to right before the attack happened.

Meeting Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Compliance requirements (e.g., GDPR, HIPPA) and legal issues can exacerbate costs related to any data loss incident. Without timely access to data, businesses are exposed to the government or industry-specific regulatory fines, legal penalties, revenue, and stock price hits, plus damage to company brand and customer trust.

Safeguarding against legal actions

You may need to access your data if someone ever takes legal action against your company. A backup helps you do just that. Plus, you may need the data from your mailbox to comply with regulations.

Sometimes, you might need to migrate to Office 365 or manage hybrid email deployments. The data should be protected and handled the right way. As long as people can access it, you can store it wherever it makes the most sense.

Choose the Best Disaster Recovery Company for Office 365 Backup

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