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Choosing Between Private Cloud and On-Premise

By September 14, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

There are many considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to use a private cloud or on-premise. One of the most important is how your company’s data is stored and managed. Is there enough space available for the server? Does it require 24/7 monitoring? Will you need help from an IT professional with setting up and maintaining the system? It may make more sense for some businesses to store their data on-site, while others will find that a private cloud is better suited to meet their needs.


On-premise hosting is a cloud service that allows individuals or companies to store their data on their own servers located in your facility. On-premise hosting offers many benefits, but it also has some limitations.

Control of data and services

When using an on-premises hosting model, companies can host data centers on-site controlled by their IT staff. Many companies choose to use on-premises hosting sites since they remain in complete control. Some companies prefer to utilize these services versus private cloud services, especially with increasingly strict data protection regulations and security concerns. Using a data center on-site allows for flexibility.

IT Restrictions

On-premise data centers also allow for better performance. Therefore, data centers allow for training services rules to be enforced in alignment with security restrictions. It is easier to prevent access to employees on-premise.

Private Cloud:

With private cloud computing services, infrastructure is rented. A private cloud vendor assists in ensuring networks are running and hardware is maintained. Private clouds are viewed as being more convenient for business usage. While private clouds can seem ideal, it is also essential to note their flaws. It is possible that clouds can face outages. There are also stricter laws when it comes to outsourcing data storage. However, it is also essential to note the benefits.

Off-load IT Work

When using a private cloud, on-site infrastructure does not have to be maintained at an additional data center. A vendor controls a private cloud and ensures it runs well for the operation.


When utilizing a private cloud, a company releases the final say on the methods of production. Customization is available, custom training extensions can be added, and co-host packages can be used.

When to Pick

While both private cloud and on-premise options are good choices, it is essential to know which one to choose. If Learning Management System hosting is imperative to daily operations, relying on a third party for assistance might not be ideal. Therefore, on-premise hosting is essential. If a company holds private information they do not wish to be leaked, an on-premises hosting site will be crucial. Another reason to choose an on-site premise is to control data.

Furthermore, private cloud computing services are the best solution for quick deployment. Through private clouds, work is done at a faster pace. Therefore, IT staff can also spend less time working on data information and more on other imperative parts of a business.

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