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Healthcare: Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

By January 18, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Hospitals and healthcare facilities provide essential care to the most vulnerable people. These environments are often bustling. Workers are often tired, relying on outdated tools or even experimental technologies to help their patients. Unfortunately, cybercriminals know this all too well.

The healthcare sector is incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Thankfully, a little outside assistance can help protect hospitals and their patients from these assaults. Managed IT security is the best way to defend healthcare facilities, and here’s why.

The Increase in Cyberattacks Through COVID-19

In the first half of 2020, more than 40 major healthcare providers experienced severe virtual attacks. Online criminals are attempting to hack personal records and breach the data walls for hospitals and facilities around the country. Not only is this dangerous for personal security, but it is also costly.

It can also make it impossible to treat a patient correctly if medical systems have been altered or deleted. died in transit between hospitals because the facility could not admit her— virtual attackers had knocked out its systems. Managed IT security can be a matter of life and death in healthcare.

The Specific Risks of Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses that utilize IT security services in Toronto can operate with reduced fear of these specific risks. A cybersecurity services provider understands how healthcare facilities are uniquely vulnerable. For instance, IT infrastructure is often built upon legacy systems. These are older software systems that require special knowledge or staff to maintain.

Another specific risk comes from telehealth tools and off-the-shelf technologies, which are being used more commonly to help accommodate more COVID-19 sufferers. Many of these products are untested, installed without due diligence because of the urgency of this public health crisis. Without proper protection protocols, third-party providers that are supposed to serve the public become channels for cyberattacks.

How Managed IT Can Protect Businesses in Healthcare

Managed IT security is a strategy for accurately assessing and dealing with the risks to your healthcare facility’s technology infrastructure. It is the only way to protect your staff, patients, and the public against these heinous attacks.

A good approach will include staff-facing protocols, retraining, and additional cybersecurity services like advanced endpoint security and vendor vetting. Pathway is an IT solution provider with a Tier III data centre. We help businesses with an essential technology infrastructure that keeps them running and keeps them growing. Learn more about our services and experience the benefits of IT security services in Toronto.