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Meeting Evolving Network Needs with a Managed IT Service Provider

By July 21, 2020September 11th, 2023No Comments

Employees these days should be capable of working from anywhere, especially now given the pandemic. They should have access to business applications anytime and anywhere and for extended periods of time. You cannot provide this if you’re still using an outdated network infrastructure, even if it’s just a generation old. A full system upgrade or opting for managed IT services provider with the most advanced technology infrastructure and systems would certainly help boost productivity.

Here are some reasons why you may need to upgrade your network infrastructure.

  1. Network traffic is going up year-on-year

With the advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing, network traffic is growing every year. This isn’t surprising given that every user has multiple devices that need to be connected to the network. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) becoming more popular, the number of devices is only going up.

  1. Put your IT department to good use

Are your IT staff spending a considerable amount of time troubleshooting or trying to maintain your network infrastructure? It’s time to move to more advanced infrastructure, either by investing in your own setup or getting managed IT services, where you could benefit from the best network systems, technology expertise and consultation, all at affordable prices.

  1. Easy and Steady Application Access

One of the main reasons for you to find a managed IT services provider or upgrade your infrastructure is because you cannot run some of the more advanced and high workload applications on an old, crumbling network. Given the number of remote workers on the rise, your network should be powerful enough to enable employees to access and run applications.

The Role of Network Management in the Era of Digital Transformation

It’s not easy to move to a managed IT service provider, especially when you’ve had an in-house IT department before. With a managed service provider, you get a high level of personalized service, technical innovation and efficiency without breaking the bank.

Here’s how proper network management with a hired IT service provider can help your business:

  • Customized IT Strategy and Services

Being technology experts, managed IT service providers can analyze your business objectively and provide strategic solutions suitable to your business needs to achieve business goals and ensure productivity is guaranteed and amplified. Certified and trained IT engineers will monitor your services 24×7 and ensure your business never stops running. You can also get access to a whole range of other services without having to invest in them.

  • Latest Technology

You can get access to the latest equipment, infrastructure, and expensive upgrades without any investment, like next-generation cloud computing and integration, storage services, firewalls, mobile VPN, and much more.

  • Higher Return on Investment

Experienced IT professionals from managed service providers can share their collective knowledge and experience with your company. Additionally, multiple dedicated resources are available for you to call upon for solutions using industry best practices. Having resources in an in-house setting can be an expensive affair. With MSPs, you’ll always have access to industry experts that can help you yield better results and at an affordable rate.

  • Complete IT Solution

Instead of hiring multiple IT professionals with varying levels of expertise, you can get IT services ranging from migration to management to backups. Experts from the team will continuously monitor and fix problems, patch your systems, perform audits, and provide reports, so you’re always aware of what’s happening. Let’s not forget the added security levels that will ensure your data is safe and secure.

Technological advancements are taking place at a much faster pace, and it’s getting difficult to streamline operations, and that’s why companies are turning to managed IT services providers. If you’re looking to learn more, contact Pathway Communications today.