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The Benefits of Colocating Small Business Servers

By March 8, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

The demand for managed colocation services is on the rise. New reports indicate that by 2024 the data colocation market will be valued at over $90 billion.

Over the years, North America has become an industry leader among hosting providers. With so many server options available in this market, businesses are left to determine which one is right for them. In many cases, managed colocation is the more affordable option for small businesses.

Definition of Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting refers to space used to house a business’s data and is a service provided by data centres. Companies retain ownership over the servers and have full authority over the software and hardware used, but the data is hosted offsite. Like dedicated hosting, managed colocation services offer businesses many ways to upgrade their website and resources. It also provides companies with a more secure and reliable hosting option. With fully managed colocation hosting, a business can be located anywhere. Similarly, businesses will not need to hire someone to look after their servers in-house. Pathway offers companies managed colocation services that are secure, reliable, and can lower their costs.

Advantages of Colocation

Server colocation allows businesses to store their data in a secure third-party data centre location with a public IP address. There are many advantages to companies investing in managed colocation services such as:

Better connectivity

Managed colocation data centres offer businesses redundant network connections to ensure their critical programs run without interruption.

Redundant Power Supply

Using a combination of power grids, generators, and top-notch maintenance, server colocation data centres offer businesses power redundancies.

Room for Growth

Colocation allows businesses to expand their infrastructure to evolve with their business growth. A managed colocation service provider like Pathway offer businesses the low-cost IT infrastructure needed to support their fast-growing companies.

Cloud Migration

For companies thinking about converting to cloud computing, server colocation will provide them with a smooth transition. By moving equipment offsite, businesses will increase their capacity and performance while ensuring an uninterrupted cloud transition.

Improved network security

Managed colocation services offer businesses industry-leading network security, including firewalls built to detect and prevent unauthorized access to a company’s data.

Get Managed Colocation Services for Your Business

Now that we have outlined the benefits of server colocation, it should be clear why small businesses should invest in managed colocation services. The team at Pathway understands how hard it can be to find the right servers for small businesses—this is why we advise that you seek professional services and expert advice when it comes to managed colocation. By working with our team, companies can ensure their information is appropriately managed and secured.