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The Future of Firewalls

By January 15, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Firewalls were one of the very first security measures introduced to protect businesses. Although they originated years ago, they have continued to grow and evolve to meet today’s challenges. Today’s managed firewall service providers use modern, best-in-class technology to support secure cloud computing, remote working, and other SaaS systems against cyberattacks.

The future of firewalls is robust. Firewalls must be a fundamental component of your organization’s security strategy, integrated alongside other protocols that can help defend against virtual threats. Here’s what the future of firewalls holds for enterprise security.

How Firewalls Relate to Enterprise Security

Firewall management is a strategy for protecting your business from virtual attacks. Just like you have a business plan to manage financial risk and stay competitive, you also need a plan to manage security. To easily keep track of your security needs and defend against attacks, it’s advisable to work with centralized managed firewall service providers to oversee your holistic enterprise security plan.

A managed firewall service provider can construct a secure digital ecosystem that shelters your company against outside threats. By working with a single company, your organization doesn’t have to worry about patching security gaps between providers. An integrated firewall strategy can detect more challenges, reassure customers, and help you grow your business. That is the definition of smart enterprise security.

“Firewall” Versus “Firewalling”

The original term “firewall” is singular and referred to a system for defending everything inside a network perimeter. However, remote teams and applications split between multiple locations have changed the conventional definition. There are various parameters like emails, offsite servers, social media, and other sources of outside information that could contain threats. As a result, we must rephrase this protective strategy as “firewalling.”

Managed firewall support is core functionality for today’s businesses. It protects users and data across multiple points of connection, including the cloud and other applications. Firewalling is simply the best way to defend your organization at multiple entry points where attackers could seek to hack you.

Incorporating Firewalling Systems into Your Security Platform

Modern businesses are complex. We are in a time when companies are relying heavily on mixed services to best serve their customers. This means physical, virtual, and cloud-based technologies. Because of this, firewalling systems must be flexible enough and strong enough to defend at every point.

Consistent policies and seamless integration are key, both from a security standpoint and a user experience perspective. A managed firewall service provider in Toronto can serve your business anywhere, with the help of physical, virtual, and cloud-based firewalls.

Get managed firewall support from a provider that understands the past, present, and future of firewalls and operates your business confidently. To discuss firewalling, contact Pathway today.