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The answer is: why not consider the cloud? It is not just a catchy computer term. Cloud solutions just make sense. Despite being relatively new within the information technology world, cloud solutions have taken over. As more and more companies rely on cloud computing solutions, the sector growth has been nothing short of incredible. Providing peace of mind to business owners, along with unparalleled advantages, the cloud is the place to be and Pathway Communications can take you there.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

While there are numerous benefits with cloud-based solutions, the biggest ones are listed below:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Higher Reliability
  • Lower Costs
  • Increased Productivity

Increased Efficiency : Companies always increase efficiency when they outsource certain components of their business. One of the areas, most commonly outsourced, is information technology. Companies with internal IT departments are typically less inefficient, because they are swamped with providing all services. With private cloud services providers, such as Pathway Communications, we incur the costs associated with hardware and infrastructure maintenance. This allows internal IT staff to focus on other aspects of computer and networking systems.

Continued Contact : From the initial sale, to implementation, to data centre Canada support, it is important customers have frequent contact to feel secure. They need to feel confident in their choice of data center services provider. Working through issues, as they arise, is one way businesses can establish confidence that they are more than capable of addressing a customer’s needs.

Higher Reliability : When systems are stored locally, in an internally managed server room, connectivity is limited to those systems within the building. When systems are migrated to the cloud, those limitations are removed. With cloud computing solutions, company systems are accessible to employees anywhere, at any time. How is this done? Simple. Through the Internet. With multiple security measures in place, employees can access data around the clock. This greatly improves productivity. Why not contact the best private cloud providers Toronto? Reach out to Pathway today.

Lower Costs : Any intro class to business offers a simple mantra: lowered costs and increased productivity spell success. In days gone by, thousands of dollars had to be shelled out, to provide computers to access company systems. There had to be improvements made to infrastructure, which included hubs, data switches, and services. That’s not the case with private cloud-based systems. We provide the servers and infrastructure necessary to allow employees the ability to access your systems through iPads, laptops, and smartphones.

Increased Productivity : With improved connectivity and unsurpassed uptime, Pathway Communications can improve productivity. With a team of experts behind your computer network, any problems that come up can be quickly deal with. If your server goes down, we are able to migrate your systems to a different server with negligible downtime. All of this helps improve the productivity of your business.

Pathway Communications is a leading provider in private cloud hosting Toronto. All of your storage needs, maintenance, and upgrades are taken care of for you. With your IT needs taken care of you, your company resources can be focused on other areas.