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A Letter from Pathway Communications on COVID-19

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A Letter from Pathway Communications on COVID-19

We hope you are safe and are staying well. The past weeks have been difficult for all Canadians; people everywhere are concerned about what the future portends. You may also have many questions about what we, at Pathway Communications, are doing to help you deal with this very demanding situation. I’d like to bring you up to date.

Your services will continue, uninterrupted

IT and Internet services are vital to your business and we have taken steps to keep our Data Centres, Cloud, Connectivity, and IT Support services 100% operational. Measures include:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of all our staff by working from home
  • Maintaining protocols for regular employee check-ins: for health and work status
  • Arranging for core teams to manage our data centers (we are a designated “essential service”)
  • Running regular tests for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Keeping close contact with key vendors to deal with issues they may have, which affect us

It is our primary goal to ensure that our employees are safe and cared for. As of Monday the 22nd, Pathway has closed its corporate offices in Toronto, Montreal and India but all staff will continue to work from home. Every employee has been provided with a laptop, VPN, softphones and video software. Every employee continues to be fully paid and we had not laid off a single employee because of this crisis.

Data Centre access

For the safety of visitors to our Data Centre we have made these procedural changes:

  • Visits to the Data Centre are restricted to critical work
  • All visitors must comply with hand hygiene measures for entry
  • Our technical staff will work remotely to manage clients’ infrastructure and applications
  • Our premises are being sanitized regularly, with special emphasis on common areas

Helping Clients

“Hands and Eyes” server maintenance

Some customers have expressed difficulty travelling to visit our Data Centre. To assist all colocation clients who may face this problem, we are offering enhanced “Hands and Eyes” services in the Data Centre, most at no charge. Please CLICK HERE to see how you can use this service or call 416-214-6363 ext. 2801 for assistance. The service is available 24/7.

Enabling your staff to work from home

The rules and procedures for isolation, mandated by the Government of Canada, have recently been tightened, and this has created major challenges for companies. Pathway is helping clients implement technology solutions (and policies and procedures) which can allow customers’ staff to safely and productively work from home. Included are: secure, remote-access tools, VPNs, VOIP soft-phones and data security software and 24/7 technical support, for those needing help with connectivity. Remote server and desktop management services are also available to help augment and support in-house IT teams.

These services are being offered AT COST. Please call 416-214-6363 for more information.

Contributions from our medical services subsidiary: Elastic Care

More than ever, now is a time for us to help our community. Elastic Care, a medical start-up subsidiary, of the Pathway Group, has spent the past four years, developing a platform for Remote Patient Monitoring for serious chronic illnesses such as cardiac disease, COPD and diabetes. We have offered the use of this technology to the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada to help alleviate the load on health services, and to free up hospital beds.

Our Employees

From ice storms to SARS to continental power outages, we’ve made our business to be prepared for tough situations. I am truly proud of the impeccable attitude and amazing professionalism of every member of the Pathway family and my sincere gratitude, and that of the entire management team, goes to them. All of us remain ready and willing to serve you at any time.

Pathway’s latest updates on the COVID-19 situation can be found at
Corona Virus (COVID-19) – Pathway’s Business Continuity Plan

On behalf of the global Pathway family, thank you for your trust in us. You can be assured of our support and assistance through this difficult period.

Warm Regards,

Ashok Kalle
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Pathway Group of Companies